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Coordinate Measuring Machine Mitutoyo CRYSTA-APEX S574


Machines Series CRYSTA-APEX S has been designed and constructed with the whole use of MITUTOYO experience in the production of CNC CMM.

The design uses lightweight materials and an innovative machine structure for high speed, accuracy and stability of movement. The temperature compensation (from 16 ℃ to 260C) provides the required accuracy even on the shop floor. For increasing flexibility and performance measurements the opportunity to expand the subsystem contact scanning probe, laser probe and measuring video has been provided.

Technical Specifications
Resolution 0,1µm
E0,MPE(1) (1,7+03L/100) µm(2)
(1,70,4L/100) µm(3)
L= length measurement [mm]
PFTU,MPE 1,7 µm
MPETHP 2,3 µm
Passing speed 520 mm/s

(1)According to ISO 10360-2: 2010, the application module SP25M probe and the end SM25-1 Ø4x50mm.
(2)For temperature range 18℃ - 22℃.
(3)For temperature range 16℃ – 26℃

Accuracy is specified for the following operating conditions WMP*:
Temperature range 18℃ - 22℃ 16℃ - 26℃
Temperature change on hour 1,0 K 1,0 K
on 24 h 1,0 K 1,0 K
Temperature Gradient vertical 1,0 K/m 1,0 K/m
horizontal 1,0 K/m 1,0 K/m

*When using temperature compensation


Console Nr 05AAN641

- 2 manipulators
- speed control
- axis blocking
- change the operating side of machine
- recording the intermediate position



- flexible and quick setup
- saving time
- easy to adapt to changes in product