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Cincinnati CFV - 1050i


Axis feed range (X,Y,Z) Unit
longitudinal direction (table X) mm 1050
cross direction (Y) mm 540
vertical direction (axis Z) - standard mm 560)
Table - axis X Unit
table working surface - lenght mm 1120
table working surface - width mm 600
max. load kg 1000
Spindle unit - axis Z Unit
rotation speed ranges RPM 0 - 8000
rotation speed selection RPM per 1 RPM
Speed and feed force Unit
feed speed of axis X,Y,Z mm/min 15000
fast feed axis X,Y,Z m/min 36
feed force axis X,Y kN 4
feed force axis Z kN 8,5
Accuracy Unit
Positioning in one direction
- full feed range axis X,Y mm +/- 0,003
- full feed range axis Z mm +/- 0,004
Repeatability in one direction
- full feed range axis wg C.M mm +/- 0,001
CNC System Unit
model, type 18iM
manufacturer FANUC
controlled axes X,Y,Z